Noble House of Wands


Wands (pronounced: /ˈwɑːnds/ WANDS)


A black sleeve below three gold stars against a field of purple


Based in Waterdeep, this is a distinguished Waterdhavian noble house that had a strong history of magic within the city. While their founder came to Waterdeep and Faerun in the 4th of 5th century DR. He did not find ennoblement until 937 DR at which point he formerly changed his family’s name from Sunstaff to Wands.

Until the Spellplague wiped them of nearly all their resources in 1385 DR. The nearly decade long calamity of no arcane magic almost bankrupted the House of Wands. It has been sustained on loans from Mirt the Moneylender of Waterdeep from 1397 till the current year of 1547.

There is a schism currently between those trying to fix their financial woes and those acting as though they can live off loans forever because they have been doing so for 150 years now! Ser Magnus Wands has been adventuring to fine coin to re-mediate the financial burden and restore their good name.


The impressive Wands villa is a testament to the family’s magical legacy. Consisting of three buildings, plus the Wand’s Academy, one of which is a massive edifice that includes two soaring towers, the compound includes not just domiciles for the Wands family, but also the academy of wizardry they maintain. The wall around the compound is a distinctive stone, gleaming like obsidian, but blue-black in color, with its upper edges carved with a variety of sigils. Small magical sparks float upward from the upper level of the wall, and local thieves certainly know better than to try to get over the twelve-foot edifice. Inside at night the compound is lit in a rainbow of colors and those that control the Crystal Lampposts know the location (though not identity) of everyone within the walls outside of a building. It does curb students staying from getting out at night to get into mischief.

  • Wands Villa and grounds: At the top of the towers are crystal pyramids, which marked the building as a noble house. This is the center of the small neighborhood of Magecourt. Three stories tall and at least two levels below ground, it has two towers that rise another two stories above it. This is the set of power for the Wands family. , with plentiful suites and a massive family library. By noble standards, the place is considered an unwelcoming fortress, for it has no large-scale entertaining space within it (such functions instead falling to Avorra’s House). According to rumor, the place is riddled with pocket dimension rooms, portals, household magical items, and ambient magical effects that obey only Wands blood.
    Avorra’s House: – Named for Eldrus’s non-magician wife who died by magical mishap, Avorra’s House is a no-magic-allowed space within the compound. Its ground floors include a pass-through gate that leads from Shando Street to the compound grounds, as well as ample public entertaining space (a dining room, salon, and ballroom, most notably). The upper stories are set aside for those members of the family who are not themselves magicians, and do not wish to live in close proximity to it. (This isn’t out of any phobic responses, generally; the reverse is usually the case, with those who wanted so badly to master magic but who simply haven’t the talent for it fleeing the daily reminders of the main Villa.
    The Sequester: – This three-story stone building is magically reinforced and set with strategic zones of silence and anti-magic, and for good reason: it is where the House’s spellcasting chambers and laboratories are located. Its lower two floors are full of these practical chambers and workshops where Wands magicians might test new magics or push the bounds of the Art; its upper floor is a series of private chambers intended for meditation and retreat from other people, often so necessary to magicians. The roof of the sequester is a rooftop garden, filled with plants of magical uses. It is not uncommon to find Wands mages here enjoying the air or bonding with familiars.
    Wands Academy: – Wizard School. This Academy is one of the few such left in the city that isn’t run by the Watchful Order. Three stories in height and on the grounds of the House Wands villa, the academy’s ground floor features a large gathering chamber generally used for meals and addressing the whole of the student body, plus the academy’s library, divided into deeper and deeper vaults of lore. Each student has an attuned badge that gives them access to the vaults they are permitted, as well as allowing them open the glass-fronted cases within those vaults. The second story is exclusively classroom space, as is half of the third floor, the rest of which is spellcasting chambers and student labs.

  • Greenglade Tower ( formerly Syndra Wand’s Tower ): Pre 1240 DR – It was a four-story tower, consisting of a two-story octagonal base. It was constructed in Shoon style, which was rare for Waterdeep, as this style of architecture was native to Amn. The smooth stone walls were adorned with carved sigils and permeated by arrow slits. The door was on the northeast side, and was flanked by two minarets. At the top of the tower was a crystal pyramid, which marked the building as a noble house. As of 1238 DR, the approach to the tower was along a path through a herb garden.
    Post 1240 DR – After Syndra’s death in 1238 DR at the hands of the lich Priamon “Frostrune” Rakesk. When he entered Syndra’s home while she was sleeping and killed her by freezing her and smashing her body. Soon after her death, Khelben defeated Priamon and, using his Blackstaff, granted Syndra ghost-like form and the ability to exact revenge upon her killer. Khelban had it deconstructed and moved adjacent the Wands villa which was completed in 1247 DR.
    At the original location of the tower in the Castle Ward only the ground floor remains.
    In recent times Nharaen Wands has rented it out to only Mages and their immediate families under the new name of Greenglade Tower.
    It still retains the crystal pyramid upon the top of its peak to denote the noble house it belongs to.

  • Branches Outside Waterdeep:
    About half the total Wands family actually dwells outside of Waterdeep, scattered mostly throughout the North and along the Sword Coast. They tend to maintain fine estates with a reputation for wizardry, many of them taking in local apprentices and training them for fees or service. The Wands have eight such estates, located in Neverwinter, Yartar, Secomber, Mirabar, Amphail, Baldur’s Gate, Scornubel, and Berdusk. Between them, they house just over forty of the House’s membership, with occasional visits from all of them to Waterdeep.

House of Wands – Roster

FIY NOTE: Only members Magnus has met or research “In Character / Game” will appear below. As time permits NPC sheets will be made for them.

  • Magnus Wands – This is our protagonist and he is a junior member of the Knights of the Weave, an order of Fighter and Arcane Casters dedicated to Mystra. He is a Protector rank within the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors. Many of the Wands of each generation are among the W.O.M.P. membership. Protector rank is low among the W.O.M.P. as they are the bodyguards and assistants to other members. In Noightal of 1547 Magnus was allowed to pursue and investigation on his own, because magical items and some forces were involved in the abduction of one Lord Renaer Neverember.

  • Marlina “Mar-Mar” Wands - Magnus’ sister whom started out as an evocation wizard. When the pair were studying one night Marlina found a scroll of Chain Lightning and tried to convert it and cast it while still an apprentice!
    She died in a spell-tacular explosion!
    As the spell backfired in a flash of lightning damage in which the chain lightning rebounded on her and only her. There was some damage to the room, which Magnus was blamed for until events very recently (1547 DR) came to light. He gathered up her body and ran out into the night. He headed to the Church of Kelemvor – God of the Dead. He managed to run into the high-priest of the church whom agreed to perform a resurrection in exchange for something of equal value. During the ritual Magnus offered the ability to cast spell magic in any form: memorized spells, spell scrolls, spells stored in items. His offer was accepted by Kelemvor the High-Priest told him. When his sister started gasping he hugged as his mother and father burst through the door. The High-Priest of Kelemvor had sent an aid to go get them quietly. To avoid a scandal on the household they let Magnus take the blame for the damage andd mixing ingredients incorrectly. His ability to work spells began to erode like old age. On his 21st year it finally stopped. Marlina adores her brother because she knows how many want power and for her he gave it up forever. She’s tried to make all his birthday’s special since then. Even though it was odd to explain her becoming a sorcerer that had an affinity for shadow magics. She is aware that was how Kelemvor chose to restore her magic power.

  • Olhander Wands – This is Ser Magnus’ uncle and he is a seasoned member of the Knights of the Weave, an order of Fighter and Arcane Casters dedicated to Mystra. He is a Detective Sergeant within the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors. Many of the Wands of each generation are among the W.O.M.P. membership.

  • Hamael Wands – Olhander’s son and Magnus’ cousin, it is rare to find and affinity for a god outside of Mystra in the family but Hamael is a cleric of Chauntea.

  • Tolvandus Wands – Magnus Wands’ father; he is in the Dalelands investigating a psychic that may be hustling folks in the region. Tolvandus specializes in psychic spells and phenomena.

  • Varyia Octavia Eltorchul-Wands​ – Magnus Wands’ mother; she is in the Inner Sea Region of the continent of Faerûn pursuing a business venture of undisclosed origin.

  • Nharaen Wands – The current matriarch of the Noble Wands household. After a life and death encounter with the wizard Manshoon, Magnus revealed the truth about Marlina’s death and resurrection by the church of Kelemvor.

  • Infus Wands – A member Magnus has only heard about and in the context that he was from a smaller branch of the family. Infus is currently renting Magnus’ old room in Syndra Tower


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