Faerûn Family Jewels

Upon finding out the day was past dusk once again, ‘’Oh, wow! Are we alone? I’ve figured out two of the four secrets we need. To get the third one I need to have a fight with someone. Know any fighting rings, perhaps Ingrid would know of some or even run one?’’

“There’s still some night owls about, but I think we should avoid from standing out. I’m sure she would know something, what are you thinking?” He says with the tone of worry encroaching on the last few words.

“The entity wants a fight. So I’m thinking bare knuckles but anything else goes,” muses Magnus and their is a grin on his face growing, “Remy it, it’s (whispers) real.”

“Alright, lets go ask her. I’m glad you’ve found such a way to help the family, any idea on what you’re going to spend it on first?” You both head off back to the warehouse to meet Ingrid at the warehouse

As they walk, “Get all the debts cleared. Then fix up my manor and we could probably use new arms and armor. The rest I intend to give back to the city or at least invest in helping the poor somehow.”

“Do you think a hundred and fifty thousand dragons is enough to satisfy your family’s debts? I’m no mathematician, but a few hundred years worth of expenses has to add up to- i don’t know- more?”

“I imagine in those hundred years people in the family have been making payments, attempting to pay it down.” Magnus sighs, “Maybe it will all go to the debts. It’s still worth it, but I’d get you a new suit of armor for all the help you’ve given me. Let’s hope its five hundred thousand and we leave with two-fifty. Hell, it could just be empty as well and we get half of nothing, wouldn’t that be a hoot! Entider said it was several other dozen souls that have tried and fallen. Clearly this won’t be easy.”

“No investments? A steady income from something would help adventuring isn’t so profitable. Even if the vault is empty, if Manshoon is after it, it could serve as quite the honeypot and yield its own reward.”

“To be fair a great deal of my training was on arcane matters and brawling. I’m not directly related to the current matriarch, and clearly my family has only been involved in the magic trade. I would love to branch out somehow, perhaps you have some ideas? Even the ranger in the family is more interesting than I am. I don’t even really feel that is a put down. I have helped thwart a small Shar Cult, and then this. I guess if anything I am a go big or go home person. In many ways this feels like being kicked into the pit by my uncle.”

Letting Remy lead them to Ingrid, “The biggest thing is no believes I am going to amount to much because I am not a full caster. I want their recognition as much as I want to prove I’m capable to myself. Going down in the one fight really shook me more than I thought it would. This has to pan out or its a life of mediocrity, I will not do well in that state.”

“Then you should fund those things. An armorer or smith, a training house for the guard or even the navy. Depending on how much you want to risk maybe even invest in a sailing venture when the ports open or a trading convoy to Amn?”

“So then use the income to make sure I am not a drain on the family resources? Give back to the city, and create a cash stream to maybe become competition for Harja? Is there a version where I can make a huge dent in our debt if I can’t pay it off, at least let them see a path out?”

“Well the income should help keep the collectors at bay, so even if you can’t pay off the debts the next generation has it easier.”

“From what I understand our chief debtor is the famous Mirt the Moneylender. Its the reason I don’t go to the Yawning Portal. Mirt drinks with Durnan on the last day of each Tenday, and knows every Wands by face, even me. So yeah.”

“Haven’t heard of him, but I’ve noticed you avoid the tavern.”

“To be fair Durnan and he are known to have used life extending magic, he likely knows every noble indebted to him by name and face. So, thinking about what you’ve said I need to turn my apparent weakness for my family into its strength. Become a titan of industry in areas not normal for my house to save it. You and Harja may not like each other but this tracks. Okay, please help me invest this so it can reap rewards going forward, as a partner. What do you think?”

“To be fair Durnan and he are known to have used life extending magic, he likely knows every noble indebted to him by name and face. So, thinking about what you’ve said I need to turn my apparent weakness for my family into its strength. Become a titan of industry in areas not normal for my house to save it. You and Harja may not like each other but this tracks. Okay, please help me invest this so it can reap rewards going forward, as a partner. What do you think?”

“I will help you, but do not include me as a partner. There are things I need to do outside of the city, and I do not know how long it will take. I would prefer that you keep the rewards and save your house. I ask only help in returning the favor when the need arises.”

Magnus stops and places a hand on his shoulder, “We may not share blood, but I am your brother and when you call I will be there.”

He stops along with you with a guilty look, “I wish I could call you brother too. But I am here for you all the same… Lets hurry to Ingrid, before the fights are over.”

Magnus smiles, “My statement holds all the same, now lead on and I’ll hold prattle for later. To Victory!” He follows his friend as they double time it to Ingrid.

Both friends arrive back at the warehouse. When they enter Magnus can immediately tell a substantial amount of work has been done. The patch work holes have been painted to fit, insulation added and smaller braziers placed around the first floor. Additionally most of the trash had been cleared away.

“I… wow! Ingrid are you here? Remy can you believe it! Wow!” Magnus wanders around and if he finds Vash he feeds him some morsel and pets him for a bit.

“She’s no slouch, that’s for sure. She did have good foundations to work from.” He says wandering over to Magnus upper room where a door hangs.

“I actually don’t know how to get a hold of Ingrid if she’s not here. She didn’t mentioned where she worked or lived to you by chance?” Turns and shouts, “Ingrid! You here?”

“Yeah yeah I’m here!” Her voice shouts from the catwalks above. She had apparently been working on one of the windows above. “Don’t worry about that Maggy, Remy knows where I work.”

He comes out from his room satisfied, “I was thinking you wouldn’t like it, she’s a money lender.”

“I guess its a compliment that I am not that stuck up a noble. I don’t blame other money lenders for problems my family got into because we were hit hard. I also wasn’t around when decisions were made about borrowing money. I may not like the choices the patriarchs and matriarchs made, but sulking about it won’t fix it. Ingrid and I may not move in the same circles but she’s been honest so far and that speaks volumes to me.”

“Oh it’s all good. I know how in the hole you are, but I don’t own any of your debt. So how’d it go since I left?”

Said in front of both of them, “First, Ingrid, it’s real! Second, there are three keys to get in. I need your help to have a fight between me and someone else. Barefisted but with gauntlets, once that happens I’ll learn the the next to the last bit to get in. I know the location and and one of the three keys. I wanted to make sure you were brought up to speed and hoped you might know where we could get a fight on tonight?”

“That’s great!”she says with more than a hint of avarice as she comes down to you guys. “But that depends, how bloody are you looking to get?”

“If I die so does the location, barring that I am open. If you’re willing to heal and prevent my death I am game.”

“I figured as much, I think I’ve got a place too, but you’ll have to buy in.”

“How much?”

“Two slivers to get in, and a dragon if you want to fight.”

“Let’s go I got that, hell I will pay for everyone.”

“Alright, take off your armor, no one’s going to think you’re there just to fight dressed like that. You too Remy. Also, this is a nice place, people like to blow off steam there’ll be no consequences from you. Promise?”

“I promise,” Magnus takes off all the armor and carries his gauntlets, on his hands.

Within a few minutes Ingrid leads you both off towards a building in the Dock Ward. A buff thug mans the door who exchanges friendly greetings with Ingrid and after taking payment (3 silver and 1 gold) they let you in.

Within the air is hot and filled with the smell of alcohol, sweat and smoke. A long bar runs the length of one wall as the room extends back into a larger room where an arena of rope has been set up. A few dozen people around chat in a number of languages, leaving the area seem smaller than it is and the din of conversation requires just the right level of shouting to be heard but not disruptive.

Ingrid wraps her arm around Magnus, “Remy, make yourself pretty, maybe chat up some of the girls. Might drum up some business. Magnus you’re with me, we gotta get you signed up.”

Nodding to Remy and heads off with Ingrid. She leads Magnus deeper into the room towards one of the table where a man sits watching the room. As he notices Ingrid he motions to his guard to let you two through and says, “Ms. Horn, it has been too long. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

She nods to Magnus, “This one wants to get in a fight.”

“I’ll be happy to oblige him then.” He turns to Magnus and inspects him for a few moments, “I’ve got just the lady. Billy, go find Lisa and tell her to get ready for… Bout 4. Oh, would you happen to have any questions?”

Magnus nods and smashes his gauntleted fists together.

“To avoid unnecessary damage and prolong the fight for the viewers I’m going to need you to take those off. There’s still at least half a bell left though, my guard will find you when we’re ready for you.”

Magnus nods and heads off with Ingrid. When they find a spot to sit he removes them. Keeping the stone in his hand as he gives them to Ingrid. He slides the stone in his boot and then makes sure his pants/leggings are tucked back in on top of it. internally in Deep speech “I’m sure you’ll be able to feel everything so I am making sure you have skin contact with me. The fight will start in roughly half a bell, so very very soon. Enjoy the show, emotions, whatever you’re hoping to get out of this.

In response comes some of the most grating pestilent voice He’s ever heard, nearly giving him a migraine just due to its reverberation in his thoughts “You are too presumptuous to speak gilly to me just yet. Perhaps with practice, but certainly not one day’s worth.” Magnus Wands

WOOF,” Magnus shakes his head but says out loud, “I think I understand why clerics have to pray to speak to their gods.” Looks to Ingrid, "On the off chance I win, put any winnings to covering what you helped with the warehouse/manor. Oh, do you think we can monetize the warehouse as a legitimate business of some kind? I want the family to break out from “just” magic trade and dweomercraft. Being a money lender you may have keen insight into the best use for the warehouse. Anyways, please think about it and we can discuss after tonight."

“Yeah,” she says half distracted by something across the bar.
After a bit, the guard comes to get you, bringing you near the ring he explains the rules: no biting, no hair pulling, fight until knock out or tap out. And after once more look over he pushes you into the ring opposite a wall of muscles introduced as Lisa.

Putting his guard up he moves in but begins to circle Lisa. Assuming she’s killed someone that didn’t take her seriously. Magnus does not aim to make the mistake of not considering her a threat.

The referee yells and both fighters to come out, defenses up. Magnus take up the defensive and weather a few blows from her as she comes out swinging. Her power is well placed, but he can tell that he’s got an upper hand. Magnus places some testing punches, throwing in the low kick here and there slowly weathering her energy down. Within moments she grabs him, and surprised by her strength she lifts you up and throws him on the ground knocking the wind out of your lungs. But its not enough to stop Magnus, she’s unable to capitalize on the move and he gain his footing again.

After a minute the blows traded have barely slowed, but she’s getting winded and as Magnus continue to wear her energy down he becomes more sure of himself. Finally after a gut punch delivered her guard is lowered just enough for Magnus to throw a single punch that knocks her out! The crowd’s energy rises just a bit, but its hardly noticeable. The ref checks Lisa and grabbing his hand and holding it up he pronounces Magnus the winner.

“Ingrid please heal her!” He cries out. Lisa is breathing, the first stirrings of consciousness are returning already but they’re both pulled from the arena for the next fight to get set up to figure out anything more. Magnus can see Lisa grabbing betting stubs and coins from several people around her, and he notices Remy talking with a couple people at the bar.

Magnus sits at a table and makes a gesture as though he’s praying for a second. (Internal) “Master Entider, I hope you enjoyed the battle, I know I did. Till our next conversation, be well.”

Entider speaks in Magnus’ head, “Not bad, it was a decent enough fight. The second key you need is a beardless dwarf.”

Magnus gets up and heads over to Lisa in the backroom, “Great fight, thanks again Mistress Lisa.” He extends a hand in friendship.

She waves away his hand, “It a fight in a bar, no duel. And I ain’t no mistress.”

“Apologies, its a term of respect. I’ll leave you, good night.” he turns and leaves. Magnus seeks out Remy and Ingrid, “We have what we need let’s go. I need a nap and maybe one ale.”

“One for the road?” She asks handing you a pouch of coins counting three Gold Dragons and five Silver Shards in various coinage.

Taking the pouch of three Dragons and five Shards and go to the bar, “An ale for my friends (points to Remy and Ingrid) and I. Oh and send an ale to Lisa please, if there is any left just keep it.” When he tries to hand back the change Magnus assures him to just enjoy the tip. When he returns to the table, “I learned two things, apparently I have a thing for strong women.” Turns to Ingrid and her beardless face, “You, Mistress Horn, are one of the keys. We’ll talk more about that later.”

“Well, I wonder what you mean by that.” She says nonchalantly, “Well if you want to leave now, don’t wait up. I’m going to stick around for a bit.”

“Just be safe you are now vital to the plan,” he says to her. Nodding to Remy as he gets his gauntlets back from Ingrid, and if his friend is ready they head home together.

When they get back to the warehouse he checks on Vash and if he needs a morsel he sneaks out a small piece of dried meat he’s been saving. However, Vash is content, being a snake and not needing to be fed for days at a time. “I really needed that fight. Lisa wasn’t a bugbear but it was nice to know with no powers I could think my way through a fight and win.”

“That’s good to hear. Though I do think you’re too hard on yourself.”



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