Faerûn Family Jewels

Standing up, the burning sensation in Magnus’ neck continues. Turning to Remy, “Know any leather workers? Do you have a burning sensation in your neck perchance?” Magnus rubs the spot that should be burning.

“Yeah, I know a few, and no.”

“I need something to hold the stone around my neck and a braided cord for strength. But, hey does this look like a bite, are there frigging bugs that give you bad dreams?!?”

“Why does it need to be around your neck? He asks looking over. He immediately looks at your neck and up to your face. There’s a moment of tension and then a quiet, “You have a witch’s mark.”
He holds up his dagger, letting you look at it in the reflection. Peeking from your shirt is the negative light color of a 4 pointed star.

“A what?” He looks shocked. Trying to sound calm, “Um I was just thinking of a place to keep it without it getting stolen easy. Could be anywhere like and arm or leg I suppose.”
(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider did you mark me?”

“Ah hahaha, no. I would not have stopped at a mere mark.”

(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider thank you for the clarification, how does one remove a Witch’s Mark?”

“Likely, you would have to break your promise. I’m sure your wise enough to realize that you’ve agreed to something in that dream of yours.”

(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider thank you for the clarification, well Nine bells in hell. What have I gotten myself into? Okay thank you again for the information.”

Turning to his paladin friend, “Remy, did you agree to anything in your dream?”


“Well, nine bells in hell! I got visited by a witch or some supernatural force and touched. Okay, lets add stopping by the Temple of Mystra today.” Magnus is packing his clothes and walking with Remy to the nearest tavern that laundered his clothes last time.

So long as used a scarf to bundle up he was able prevent anyone from discovering his witch’s mark.



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