Faerûn Family Jewels

On the morning of the 25th of Nightal we find Remy and Magnus talkiing about what he learned.

“Okay, (lowered voice) so the second key is a beardless dwarf, and Ingrid being female has no beard.”

“Well that’s convenient. You come up with an idea for how we should get daylight?”

Still in lowered voice, “Actually, I think I have an idea about the third key but I suspect this is a time of day will reveal a hidden key hole Ingrid needs to open the way below. At least its a working theory right now.”

“Ah, I figured it’d just be some sort of sentience guarding the door that is capable of recognizing the keys like the stone isn’t actually a map.”

“Hmm, equally valid point, which is why its a working theory.” He strokes his mustache thinking, “Today though I need to dig into something I think might explain the truth of the matter. Lord Renaer wanted to know whether his father really did it or not. Now, Elves might do this differently, but most human families follow the male heirs through the family trees to pass on the titles and surnames.”

“It varies between family. You’re thinking the Neverember family was something else?”

“Now that I know the location I keep asking myself, why that spot. I suspect that location is connected to the family by marriage. He was the “Open Lord” and Dagualt would’ve had a lot a power but why that spot?"

“Which spot?”

Motioning for him to lean in he whispers in his ear closely, “Brandath tomb.

“Name sounds familiar, not sure where though. It could be the family Dagault married into?”

“Or they married into the Neverember’s but I suspect marriage is the link. It also would be easy to hide if you’re paying visits to the deceased using a magic bag to hide how much you’re moving.” Magnus taps his chin three times, “Based on this I believe Dagault did steal the money.”

“Makes sense. Supposedly the Lord is originally from Neverwinter and only gained significant holdings in the city after marriage with a local nobility.”

Magnus perks up, “I wonder if I know that name of the family now, ha!” He touches his nose then points to Remy, “I lay money we both know that name now.”

“How much money? Hundreds of thousands of dragons?” He says with an equal smirk.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Magnus falls back and is still laughing, “You’re the best Remy!”

“Are you sure you came out of that fight ok? C’mon let’s get you out of bed, yesterday was tough and today might be worse.”

“Today, you get food and let me catch an extra hour, dawn’s only peaking up now.”

Remy heads off as Magnus’ exhaustion hits him like a falling wall. As soon as his head hits the pillow he’s in a dream.
Magnus is a flower, a little crowded by his peers, but he’s got a strong stalk and get plenty of sun. Suddenly there’s no sun out, instead it’s dark and cold. A candle with blue flames burns a little ways off in the distance, it’s a comfort giving him warmth during this and many other nights. But tonight it flickers. The flash of reflective eyes of a cat catches your attention across the field with Magnus-the-Flower between it and the candle. And it slowly stalks towards the candle stepping in a couple other flowers here and there but only as a matter of course.
The cat steps closer and closer, moving only with the wind. He even loses notice if it several times. The candle flares momentarily and a patch of flowers the cat is hiding in begins to singe and burn, but as the ashes drift away in the breeze the cat is still alive, but it’s fur has been singed. It moves forward and with another flare of the candle several flowers burn.
Magnus wrestles in his sleep on the cot as blue flames remind him of stories surrounding the Spellplague.
Finally the cat stalks into Magnus’ patch. In the proximity he feels hatred and contempt from the cat. A determination and patience that it knows: eventually, eventually, even if it takes eternity, I will extinguish that flame. You feel warmth, and burning, and a sharp femanine voice,
“Will you make the Noble sacrifice, will you accept their sacrifice?”

“Yes, to save the whole I will. Faith is not a convenience, I will sacrifice for the greater good.”
The fire consumes him and the patch around him, the cat shifting to another patch just as before, the fire not much more than a nuisance and the voice calls again, “And if they had no choice? Will you accept?”
“Yes, burn me again, for them.”
The heat rises, everyone burns around you and you’re left standing alone, charred. The ash adhered to you replaced you. Alone in the field you stand with thorns of crusted carbon and armor as skin.


As dawn rises high enough to peer through the window and hit Magnus’ face he bolts and begins padding himself looking around his room and the bedroll he’s sleeping on. “Great Midnight, what in the Nine Hells was that?

A burning sensation flares at the base of your neck. A voice from your head – Entider, “Did someone have a nightmare?” And a mental probing “Why don’t you tell me what it was?”

Magnus pulls the stone from his boot, “(In Undercommon)Greetings and good morning Master Entider, yes as you surmised I believe that was a nightmare or a prophetic dream. Being no sage I can’t distinguish them. So the dream, yes…
…well I was a flower is a sea of fauna, then a cat kept stalking a blue flame in the field. Doing so seemed to burn the area around it. The candle could move and just stay out of reach as the cat and candle got near me the hateful gaze fell upon me and they asked if I would accept the sacrifice if they had no choice. I thought I was somehow saving them by saying yes but they burned. Then it came to my are and asked again. I said yes I would accept and when it was over I was alone and covered, nay composed of the left over ash.” Magnus breathes and continues internally, “The blue flame made me think of the spell plague and I, I thought I was saving them from the plague somehow. But to be comprised of their ashes after theirs and my bodies had burned away made me think of the Kelemvor and death. Still working it over in my head.”

Remy GenodalAn odd slurping sensation echoes and you feel as though Entider had just been fed a satisfying meal. From the ground floor you can see the tip of Remy’s blade slowly enter the room followed by his shield and then himself as he scans the room.

Looking at Remy, “I had a nightmare and it was very unsettling.”

His blade lowers and he walks up the stairs to you. When he gets closer you can see that he is nearly drenched with sweat, looking worse than you feel.

“Okay you look like I feel, wanna talk or just get food? Oh is Ingrid here?”
(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider did you enjoy your breakfast, it seems you ate my feelings about the dream?”

He doesn’t look you in the eyes but says, “I fell asleep once I hit the base of the stairs. It was no natural dream, I can tell you that. Whatever it was, it put me to sleep as well.” He doesn’t sit unless Magnus gestures for him to do so, leaving the choice to him.

Magnus gestures to sit, “Were you a flower being burned alive by a spiteful cat letting you watch the other flowers die only to be comprised at the end by their burnt ashes?”

“No… I- reaped flowers.”

“Oh Midnight, you were the cat!”

“No, I was a man. You most CERTAINLY did not share my dream.”

“I think the theme was the same but we saw it differently.”
“Regardless I did not understand mine at all the longer I think about it. Ingrid are you here!

“No.” He says even more adamantly than before.
A slump from some of the cloths downstairs and a shout in something Dwarven answers.

Magnus puts a hand up, “Okay okay.”

It takes a moment for him to collect himself, “So why a flower, why a cat?”

“Let’s go get some food and we can bring stuff back for Ingrid, besides now I need my clothes laundered. We can figure it out along the way.”
(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider what would you require for the third key?”

“Oh that dream was more than enough, you need to bring a silvered warhammer in addition to the other 2 keys to unlock the door to your prize.”

(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider do you know anything about the defenses inside?”

“No. Though I look forward to it’s discovery.”

(Internal in Undercommon) “Fair, and thank you for your help. Since you enjoy emotions did you want to come along for the ride?”

“I didn’t think you would be so cold as to throw someone who helped you so much to the side after you were done with them, are you?”

(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider no, but I wanted the choice to come along be yours. When you wish to be given to another I will honor your request and pass you on. Until then lets see how much of the world we can make ours. Its a good as goal as any, but I will likely be trying to conquer evil folks and redistributing their wealth.”

“What need do I have of wealth, so long as I’m entertained I have no wish to be “given to another”."

(Internal in Undercommon) “Master Entider that I feel I can do, to entertainment then. Onward.”



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