Faerûn Family Jewels

Day Five Of The Investigation

Morning on the 24th of Nightal. Ser Magnus Wands and his best friend, Remy Genodal, find themselves walking in the morning after getting breakfast.

“He’s very interesting, Harja. I need to find a quiet spot for the next hour or so,” looking around as they walk away, “I need to attune to this rock and speak to the entity inside. How do you feel about the park in the City of the Dead. We could hide in plain sight once more. If this pans out I promised Ingrid her group would accrue some of the money, I have no wish to earn that kind of enemy among the underbelly of the city. Thoughts?”

“Alright.” He answers belatedly, nearly lost in thought. The silence continues until you reach a spot in the cemetery park where he almost immediately starts. “I’m not confident in his intentions, he’s playing it close probably fermenting good relations with all of the houses not just your own with private trades like information or under the table favors. While his opinion on the gods is not unknown, it is shared with his servants to a man. Not a single one had any sort of symbol on them nor did they make any gestures of worship. I think the guard even had the scarred removal of a stigmata on his right hand. And foremost, anyone with that much knowledge of my family’s blood debt must be hiding something sinister.” After a few moments, “wait, you were talking about dealing with Ingrid weren’t you?”

“Well I did promise half if she helped us and she did indeed help. I feel its important to keep one’s word.”

“Yes, we probably should keep that agreement. Having an underground guilds owe you favors is good, especially in your attempts to revive the house even if you don’t actually include take part. Keeping your word is just the beginning of it.”

“Well, it is a form of social influence. I suspect we survive this we’ll have reason to investigate Harja again.”

“Investigating him might be more than what we can do. Those servants were out of our league. Besides, one long lived wizard gets our boots stuck in mud already.”

Magnus smiles and feigns defeat holding his hands up (but not releasing the stone), “I yield, your case is strong and I am not wishing to fight two dark cabals.”

“I’m glad you hear me. So how’s it going?” He nods to the stone.

“I’m relaxed so now its time to focus, watch out for me while I try and meditate,” Magnus mentions and leans back against the stone wall on the public road side of a mausoleum. In each language he knows internally in his head, “Hello, Hello, Hello, …Hello…”.



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