Faerûn Family Jewels

Forcing Grey And The Fête

28th of Nightal, 1547 DR

SihlaraMagnus and Lady Sihlara talk about Remy and, he expresses his displeasure at her apparent dismissive attitude of her younger brother. He’s able to enlist her aid in finding her brother and informing him about the reward. She heads off to find her brother and return to the Warehouse.

With his new found wealth Magnus head to Brian’s smithy, famed for his work from decades ago. While the master himself is busy with a particular piece of work at the moment. Magnus is able to convince a pair of apprentices one of which is a blue Dragonborn with exotic fashion and work through some designs and expectations. Ultimately he walks away a couple bells later with some realistic expectations: quality materials where it matters, & artwork where it fits. The works will take some time, Brian has other orders that he needs to finish, but should be able to finish the pieces by the end of Hammer.

Magnus also inquires about Force Grey at Blackstaff Tower and he’s told that attendance to a training session held daily at the tower will signify an acceptance of the offer. While the clerk explains it’s open ended, they whisper, “At your convenience, but if you don’t attend within a month then it would be recognized unofficially as a refusal.”

A quick stop at the family estate, and organizing a laundering gets Magnus’ outfit ready for the fete.

When he returns to the warehouse on the air one can hear some friendly conversation in Elvish and smell a fresh cooked meal. “Hello, Remy, Lady Sihlara?”

Entering Magnus sees Remy and Sihlara below the second floor overlook with a pot simmering over a beautifully cut burning log. the smell is amazing. They certainly seem more friendly than whence they parted this morning. But as soon as he spots them Remy gets up and with a cough readjusts himself in the familiar demeanor.

“Hey.” Remy says, “Got some stew made, just like I made for us on the trail.”

“I’m glad, I have so much to tell you,” Magnus explains the clothes and give both them the money so they can purchase their Fete attire they prefer. Any balking about the fee gets the same guest speech he gave the elder sister. “Yes I would love some of the stew, you have had a better grasp of herbs than I do.” As he sits he explains the deal about the trials for Force Grey. He explains that he absolutely intends to go and try out and join. He hopes Remy will join him, but he remembers that he had things he wanted to pursue. He wants to be respectful of his dreams and aspirations as well.

“Magnus, you need to understand. While we’d be happy to join you at your family’s fête. When your matriarch told you to bring Remy along it was an invitation to the Genodal family. As such, I need to see to it that we are properly represented. I appreciate your graciousness in offering your home to me and my brother. I’ve arranged for a friend to tailor our outfits and payment has already been made.” Sihlara says as she pours a bowl for you and Remy hands the coins back.

“I won’t offer offense to your House, they gave me my best friend.” He nods in acceptance he lost this battle among nobles, he feels he getting better at it and a loss always teaches something if one looks for it.
“Oh I spoke with Cyrr-ious Construction and put down 500 Dragons for them to come and finish the place off. They’ll be starting on the 2nd of Hammer. Remy here’s the remainder then for the plate armor,” clink, clink, “that should be 1500 Dragons.”

Sihlara gets a keen glint in her eyes, “There may just be hope for you yet.” Looking over to Remy, “Should I teach your friend on navigating politics?”

Meanwhile Remy is surprised at the money offered. “Our cut of the retrieved treasure? But please sister, do not play with Magnus. If he wishes to learn he will do so earnestly.”

“Yes, when there is time, I would welcome tutelage you might offer.” Turning to Remy, “Yes, you mentioned wanting plate armor a lot. I was ready to give you half, but you kept saying no. Please let me give you something. You stood by me when no one else would. You did so without hesitation or a reward pending. If I can’t acknowledge that then why did Mystra let me save you. Why are we friends, Remy if not to help one another?”

Sihlara cuts in front of her brother’s reply, “There’s always time to learn. The best lessons come from life, without experience it’s mere words. I feel like you’ve learned that lesson already though. And Remy, take the damn reward.”

Remy nods, “Thank you Magnus. Yes sister, I will. The city saw fit to reward our efforts and I will put this towards that trust. In the form of better armor. I do not refuse your help, I refuse luxury I have not earned. I did not realize I had not explained this.”

“As my friend I didn’t want to push you,” Magnus smiles, “Look, I’m trying to earn my place according to your sister, both our sisters think we’re idiots. We can’t control what other people feel about us. Trying to argue the point also shows we don’t value their feelings. So we just keep on. Short answer is you’ll tell me about it when you’re ready. I know you have my back so I’m good.”

He looks at his sister, and she stares right back. He says, “It is, a bit different with an Elven upbringing.”

“Oh is that how you’re going to put it?” She says standing up and approaching him. “I raised you up from when you could be held in a single hand – but no more of that, not until after the fete and we can scream to our hearts content.” Remy looks relieved at her willingness to let it go. Side by side Magnus is able to get a better look at them. He overshadows her by several inches in his height, and his human features pull so strongly that there doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit of familial resemblance.

Lady Sihlara turns to look at him, “Tell me Magnus. What comes next?”

MagecourtWith a deep breath Magnus starts, “Well, today is the 28th of Nightal, and the Fête is at sundown on the 30th. It goes until dawn, on our family’s property there’s the area in the neighborhood of the same name called the: Magecourt . The main villa where Nharaen lives is more of a magical fortress that helps oversee the area and the tower they rent out where I grew up and is now called Greenglade Tower. In the Magecourt there are three other buildings mostly facing Shando street. The Wands Academy, The Sequester, and Avorra’s home. The Fete is held in Avorra’s home because they have made it a dead magic area. It’s also the only way to enter the Magecourt without being a Wands or to a lesser extent a caster of magic. Our House founder, Eldrus’ wife, Avorra did not cast magic so it was made for her and has borne her name ever sense our ennoblement in the 900’s D.R. Nharaen is in charge of the festivities and its designed once a year to bring any family that can make the journey do so. Typically to show off magic they have worked on, things they have accomplished, and if there’s rank to be earned among the family it is the time the Matriarch makes changes, solidifies trial positions, or removes those whom failed or wish to leave their post for any reason.”

Another deep breath, “I was working on a story to present at the Fete because works of art are valued among several members of my family. Uncle Olhander thought it might be nice to show off the fact I am not just a fighter and guardian. It’s taken about two years but I am ready to recite it. If my parents can teleport back they likely will be there. Alongside the other up to 40 or so members of every branch. I’m also confident enough to show off the two runes I have learned of Giant’s magic. If they are impressed by the story, and intrigued by the magic I might be able to allocated materials for real research. Being nominally selected to try out for Force Grey is also to be mentioned because social climbing of the family is noted as well. It’s all tallied.”
Looking at Remy, “Please, wear the Waxing Moon Medal as I will be. Seeing that we earned it together will show I have the ability to work with others to achieve great things.” Deep breath, “Brian the Swordsmith took my commission and down payment, I am getting Adamantine reinforced arms and armor. I am going in the morning to try for the test to be accepted into Force Grey, or the Gray Swords at the very least. Then I’ll explain I’m handing my armor over to Brian the smith and all my stuff should be ready by the end of Hammer. If I can pull off the test before the Fete it moves me up in the social standing. Besides I may come across quests with items I can legitimately claim and then sell to help with the family’s debt.”

Magnus sighes, “Okay that should cover the landscape we’re about to embark on.” He sits to enjoy the stew, “Mmmm so good, thank you! Mystra bless this food.” He begins to eat.

“Admirable plan. Your story, have you had it proof read? I believe your author friend Volo could help with that.”

“Lady Sihlara, you’re brilliant! " Magnus exclaims after finishing his bite. “Remy, I see how you keep coming up with great advice. She sounds just like you.” Turning back to his elder sister, “Good Lady, it’s clear he’s been listening a great deal more than he let’s on.”
He finishes quickly, “Love the stew, I gotta run and catch Volo.” He smiles and group hugs them both before grabbing his book with the story and rushing out the door.